I write to explore human experience through neuroscience and character-driven science fiction. My stories imagine how neurotechnologies and genetic engineering will affect our thoughts, behaviors, and interactions by unleashing drama on unsuspecting characters. You can expect to see my first science fiction book in 2020, which at its core is a coming-of-age story and family drama, taking place across individual and planetary scales.

Sometimes we have to create the things we wish existed. In summer 2019 I launched Awake & Alive Mind, which publishes stories about research, theory, art, and self-experimentation that aim to illuminate the nature of consciousness. My goal is to foster a community of scientists, philosophers, and curious individuals around the subject of consciousness. 

Georgeann Sack, PhD, has over a decade of research experience in molecular, cell, and developmental neurobiology, and over five years of science writing, editing, and communications experience. 

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