You can hire Georgeann Sack as a freelance science writer through her business, Afferent, LLC. She has a decade of research experience in molecular, cell, and developmental neurobiology, and over three years of science communications experience.

Services offered

Grant proposals

Whether you are writing an individual or multi-investigator grant proposal, I can help you to express the big ideas behind your research and use those to drive the narrative. I am also skilled at graphic design and can help you to create attractive, easy to comprehend figures, infographics, and schematics for your proposal.

Science website creation

I can design your lab website and fill it with tiered content fit for multiple audiences. The home page will present big picture statements about your research that anyone can understand. The interior pages will start with the “why” behind your efforts and lead in layers to the technical heart of your work, sure to be of interest to colleagues, recruits, and the larger scientific community. Once completed, I can train you or a member of your lab to maintain the website and update content.

Systematic reviews

Increasingly, there is a need to integrate the information that comes from varied experimental approaches to the same scientific question in order to move the field forward. I can help to do the reading, synopses, meta-analysis, figure creation, writing, and editing to pull a systematic review together.

White papers

Sometimes it is necessary to present a short summary of one or many research projects to an audience that does not share your expertise, such as a potential donor or industry partner. I can work with the individuals whose research is going to be presented in order to craft a compelling description of the overarching research aims and approaches being taken.


Do you have a scientific story you want to share in book form? I can partner with you to craft a successful book proposal, get a book deal, and write the book.

Resume and contact

You can contact me by email at References and examples of freelance work upon request.

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